- How Primeshares Works


    Hi there, I am here with another amazing new platform called Primeshares launched on the 1st of April. Primeshares is a platform that pays its users/members for sharing daily trends, promoting eBooks, selling eBooks and referring new members to Primeshares.

How Does Primeshares Works

Now below are the details of how Primeshares work and how you can make money from Primeshares, but first to get registered you need to make a one-time registration fee of $8(4000 Naira).

ON Primeshares you make money in three ways;
  1. Share Trends
  2. Affiliate
  3. Sales Of eBooks

Share Trends;
On the internet today a lot of people make money from ads been shown on their YouTube and TikTok videos. So now Primeshares want to give you part of the money by sharing their YouTube and TikTok videos. So, for every video you share Daily, you make 1$.

On Primeshares affiliate is another way you can make money from the platform, each time you refer someone to Primeshares with your affiliate link you are given $6.4 per person you also earn $0.6 indirect referral and $0.2 second indirect referral (make use of google to know what indirect referral is). It does not end there if you promote Primeshares e-books using your affiliate link you are given 70% of the price of the e-book when someone purchases an e-book on Primeshares using your affiliate link.

Sales Of eBooks;
Are you an author or do you have any eBooks you would like to sell and make money well Primeshares is a platform created for you to promote/sell your eBooks and make money. The promoters of the e-book earn a certain 70% for referring people to buy the e-books while the Authors of the e-books keep getting a specific 20% for each and every new purchase of their books. 

How To Get Started

To get started is pretty easy
  • Get a smartphone with internet
  • Click here to register 

Primeshares is a great platform for you to make money from. You earn $1 daily, $6.4 per referral 70% on e-books promotion. Minimum withdrawal is 10$ for Affiliate 40$ For share trend. withdrawal days Monday and Thursday 10am-12pm

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