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Hi there happy new year, I am here with the first amazing platform this 2024 called Vistalog launching on the 5st of January 2024. Vistalog is a platform that pays its users/members for performing daily task like sharing advert, sharing post and referring new members to Vistalog. 

How Does Vistalog Works

Now below are the details of how Vistalog work and how you can make money from Vistalog, but first to get registered you need to make a one-time registration fee of  5000 Naira.

Ways You Can Make Money On Vistalog

  • Affiliate
  • Advert Post
  • Vista Post
  • Daily Login

On Vistalog  affiliate is the highest way you can make money from the platform, each time you refer someone to Vistalog with your affiliate link you are given ₦4000 per person you also earn ₦300 indirect referral and ₦100 second indirect referral (make use of google to know what indirect referral is). It does not end there you will all earn ₦100 spillover from your upline so make use of my link to register so you can earn spillover.

Advert Post;
These are advert you are to share daily to your social media page, you earn ₦300 for each advert you share daily.

Vista Post;
These are post you are to share daily to your social media page, you earn ₦300 for each  post you share daily.

Daily Login;
Each day you login to your Vistalog account you are given ₦200 just for logging In.

How To Get Started

To get started is pretty easy

  • Get a smartphone or computer with internet
  • Get Your ₦5000
  • Click here to register
  • Click here to purchase a coupon code which you will use to register

Vistalog Features 


Vistalog is a great platform for you to make money from. You earn  ₦800 daily, ₦4000 per referral  ₦100 on spillover. Minimum withdrawal is  ₦10,000 for Affiliate, withdrawal days Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 5pm-6pm  25000 Vista point For activity earnings, withdrawal days 25th of each month.