ElixirNet - How To Make Money On Elixir


Hi there, I am here with the another amazing platform called Elixir launching on the 8th of July 2024. Elixir is a platform that pays its users/members for performing daily task like sharing advert, sharing post and referring new members to Elixir. Elixir opens doors to lucrative opportunities with its Facebook monetization feature, offering personalized guides and tips upon sign-up to help users capitalize on their Facebook presence. In addition, Elixir  offers cash rewards of up to N25,000 for TikTok views, with potential earnings soaring to N100,000 based on view counts. It's time to seize the moment and unlock the financial potential of your social media presence

How Does Elixir Works

Now below are the details of how Elixir work and how you can make money from Elixir, but first to get registered you need to make a one-time registration fee of  ₦6000 Naira.

Ways You Can Make Money On Elixir

  • Affiliate
  • Daily Stock
  • TikTok


On Elixir affiliate is the highest way you can make money from the platform, each time you refer someone to Elixir with your affiliate link you are given ₦5100 per person you also earn ₦200 indirect referral and ₦100 second indirect referral (make use of google to know what indirect referral means). 

Daily Stock

The Most money in the world is in Stock, NFTs & Arts market. Many individuals have no access to these opportunities. ELIXIR is so great that it allows her users to access these opportunities. You will be taught how you can generate arts, NFTs &
stock market daily on Elixir, you will immediately sell it off automatically and you make unlimited money from this. You don’t need to worry, it’s automated, you will make at least N15,000 weekly with this.


This is another opportunity created by Elixir for everyone that has a TikTok account. Even if you don’t have, go and download asap!!

You will get paid N1,000-N3,000 per every 1k views you have when you upload something about Elixir on your TikTok account. Your payment on how creative your videos are. E.g
1000 views = N1,000 - N3,000
10,000 Views = N10,000 - N30,000
100,000 views = N100,000 - N300,000
Imagine creating 5 videos daily and all getting up to around 30,000 views each? 

Nb; You don’t need high number of followers to get views, once you use hashtag #ElixirNet your videos will automatically get to higher number of people on TikTok. This is like free money..


You will also get up to N10,000 daily as spillovers which you can withdraw immediately when you join an active team on Elixir. With all the proofs I shown you about my downlines and team, you automatically know my Team is super active because we have one thing in common, which is success. 

Joining my team gives you access to getting daily free 5k- 10k. You don’t need to do anything. Just wake up and receive free money daily.

How To Get Started

To get started is pretty easy

  • Get a smartphone or computer with internet
  • Get Your ₦6000
  • Click here to register
  • Click here to purchase a coupon code which you will use to register
  • Join WhatsApp group 


Elixir is a great platform for you to make money from and referral is not a must. You earn ₦5100 per referral  ₦10000 on spillover. Minimum withdrawal is  ₦10,000 for Affiliate, withdrawal days Tuesday and Friday 5pm-6pm. Earnings such as ; Enrollment shares, Earnings from Stocks, Arts, NFTs and e-Books markets can be withdrawn every second of the month.