About GoLearn - Learn A Soft Skill Like Forex, Crypto And More

Hello there, thanks for taking your time to visit this page. now I will be introducing GoLearn to you, an educational platform were you can learn soft skills like forex, Crypto, Stocks and much more. Now let me tell you about GoLearn.

About GoLearn

GoLearn is founded by Olubori Kehinde Paul, popular known as THE WEALTH MENTOR, is a Forex guru and Coach, who has offered Forex Trading Coaching and Mentoring to over 500 people in and outside the shores of Africa, and seeing over 70% of his Mentees earning thousands of dollars from FOREX Trading Market.

GO LEARN is an Academy put in place to teach Digital skills to interested individuals at an affordable price. Go-LEARN as a poverty eliminator in 2021. In Go-learn, all we do is LEARN to EARN.

As the name implies GO LEARN, it is an avenue were you and I can learn various skills and not ordinary skills but Income skills. That is skills that will fetch you money and making you financially independent.

As you can see, this is not a regular Platform were they asked for money to invest and at the end of a period you collect you money with interest and they end up being a scam. 

But in Go-learn we offer values that can serve you all your days on earth and creating a source of income for you.

Most of us see young individuals nowadays making money from their various skills e.g crypto trading, forex trading ,makeup , video editing and lots more. 

The QUESTION now is why don’t you put yourself in that position of making money yourself? rather than giving your money out to someone who claim is trusted to invest you money in whatsoever he claim he does and at the end of the day you loss your funds. Think about this how much you have invested and lost to the hands of all this various schemes out there.

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10 Skills Offered By GoLearn

  1. Forex trading
  2.  Crypto trading
  3.  Stock trading
  4.  Graphics design
  5.  Make up
  6.  Video editing
  7.  Decentralized finance (Defi)
  8.  Digital marketing
  9.  Product design
  10.  Web design
Go-LEARN gives you an opportunity to gain mastery of any of the above skills for a one time payment of 20,000 naira only.
For Example, Learning trading (crypto or forex) from good mentors costs between 50k-200k but you can learn it affordably from Top professionals in the field.
Once you register with 20,000 naira only, you are to pick one of the above skills and you'll be taught effectively. It's a one-time payment. No other fees will be demanded later. Each training is a recorded session with videos for you all.
Go-LEARN is one of the biggest gifts to Nigerian teens and youth in 2021

How To Make Money On GoLearn
The founder of Go-Learn makes is possible for you to invite your family, friends and loved ones to the program and earn alongside with your learning activities going on, with super amazing commission. When he or she register ,you get 50% of the registration fee.

Let go for a little calculation.
Do you know when you recommend go-learn to any of your loved ones you get a sum of 10,000 naira you recommending go-learn to 10 of your friends, meaning you would have earn 100,000 naira

GO-LEARN is an opportunity for everyone to learn and start making money even as you are learning your desire skills.

Frequently Ask Questions

 Yes and yes, you can pay for more than one skill. Each skill costs 20,000 naira and there's no limit to the number of skills you can acquire.

 Go-LEARN is not a Ponzi scheme. Referring isn't compulsory. Don't take it as referring, take it as recommending someone to come and learn something the person can use to feed him/herself for a lifetime. Your friends will appreciate it if you introduce them and Go-Learn pays 10k per person.

 No. In order to begin to refer, you must be registered and you must have a recommendation link. Well, in case you don't have much money to pay for the skill, we can partner up with ME. You can refer your friends to ME. I'll then give you 8,000 naira per each friend you refer. If you refer 3 friends, you'll then get 3 x 8,000 = 24,000 naira This fund will accommodate your registration…so as to learn your desire income skill.

 Yes. it's 100% trusted and the team behind this is trusted too. Feel free to do your own Research about the Founder himself and the team behind it…. It's not a MLM, Ponzi nor Investment scheme They Give Value that will last you for your life time. And you can acess them anytime any day via your various accounts on GoLearn.

  • Prepare your 20,000naira
  • Click the link below
  • http://bit.ly/scgolearn
  • Click on the 3dot beside the menu
  • Click on register
  • Input your details and click the register button
  • After registration click on menu then click on course.
  • Choose your course and click enroll then proceed to checkout/payment.
Don't sleep over this Golden opportunity.
Greatness is here!!!!!