How To Make Money Writing For Opera News Hub

Hello there, am here again with another platform you can make money from. this platform is called OperaNews Hub powered by Opera. am very sure we all know Opera, one of the biggest mobile browser, Opera as lot of business in Nigeria and some other counties,  businesses like Opay,Owealth,OBus,Oride and very soon they will be launching their new smartphone called Olla. so now what is OperaNews Hub?

What Is OperaNews Hub

OperaNews Hub is an open platform for people to consume, create and share content, OperaNews Hub helps creators target audience and helps users find the content that matches their interests. Opera News Hub pays you for the content you create and post on OperaNews Hub.
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How OperaNew Hub Works

Your posts on Opera News Hub will receive payment based on their performance. Many factors affect your posts’ revenue on Opera News Hub, including but not limited to the type and quality of your content. If you can create original, high-quality content that attracts the interest of users, you will be paid. The better your content, the better your earning potential. You can keep an eye on the performance of your content under the “Content Library” tab on your Opera News Hub dashboard page.

You get paid in 2 ways: 
Traffic Bonus
Engagement Bonus

Traffic Bonus
Traffic bonus will be based on how many clicks one article gets. For example:

  • If your article is with 1 click, the article will get traffic bonus 0.036₦
  • If your article is with 100 clicks, the article will get traffic bonus 3.6₦
  • If your article is with 1,000 clicks, the article will get traffic bonus 36₦
  • If your article is with 10,000 clicks, the article will get traffic bonus 360₦
  • If your article is with 25,000 clicks, the article will get 2.5 * 360 = ₦ 900
Since opera news hub is a big platform, it’s relatively easy to get more than 10,000 clicks.

Engagement Bonus
Extra pay will be based on how many engagements did your article harvest in Opera News. Only articles with more than 100 engagements will be eligible for the engagement bonus. For an article with more than 100 engagements, it will be paid ₦ 1800 per 100 engagement.

For example:
If your article is with 20 engagements, the article will not get engagement bonus
If your article is with 250 engagements, the article will get 2.5 * 1800 = ₦ 4500 as engagement bonus

NOTE: A simple and quick tip to improve your article click is to share to social network and/or forward to your friends, which will bring more engagements for your article (share, comments).
Also copy and paste is not allowed, OperaNews Hub want to you to create your own content.


How Do I Get Paid

Once your total earnings reach 2000 Naira, Opera will confirm your total income for the previous month on the 1st to the 15th of each month and will pay you through OPay at the end of this month. OPay payments will be processed by their payment team after review your income.
For example: when you have worked for the month of January the next month February 15 your payment will be sent to you when you have a minimum of 2000 Naira
when registering you will be asked to provide your Opay details

How To Get Started

Login with your Facebook account or create  Facebook a account.
Confirm your login info, complete your wemedia info, personal info, opay account info and wait for account approval and you are good to go.

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