How To Make Free Money Daily From Chipper Cash

Hello there, am here with another app that gives you free money without doing much work. As you know before I do share apps and site that pay you for doing less work all over social media.

Now i have a new app called Chipper Cash, it use for sending money within Africa with ease. They pay you for referring your friends and others to join chipper cash. They pay you #250 per referral and #75 for each person your referral refer(in-direct referral). i have earned over #10k from this app. I will be showing you how to register and start receiving your own money.

How To Register

Click here to download the Chipper Cash App after you have installed the app, open the app register with your phone number or email,  verify your account with the pin sent to you.
After successful registration click on your profile and scroll down to verify your account with your Voters card, BVN or National ID after that then you are done with registration.

How to Start Earning

To start making your own free money
*click on the Earn button on the app
*then click on referral history
*then click redeem and input this code MZ3RV  make sure you input the code so that you can get your own #250
After that go back to Earn on the app copy your referral link and start sharing with your friends so you can be earning #250 per person and #75 indirect referral. I have earned over #10k from this app and am very sure you can make more than that if you register. make sure you click here

Check out the screenshot(proof) below