Racksterli - Review, Safe Or Not


    Hello, how are you doing? am sure you are good. the last time I shared a platform called Lancie which has been paying me and a lot of people till now and it will continue to pay. today i will be introducing you to a platform called Racksterli which is similar to Lancie.

Racksterli provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for making passive income. Practically anyone can be a member on racksterli as all you need is an internet enabled device to enable you perform your daily tasks on your website. Racksterli has been in existence for over 6 month now, and it is owned by an investor called BLACKGOLD and the platform is also promoted by many celebrity's like Davido Racksterli invest in real estate, forex trading and sales of gadget. Racksterli pays it members every 30days starting from the date of registration. Racksterli pays straight to it members bank account.

People, companies and corporate businesses come to us for advert placement, what you do as an affiliate member is to share those ADs to your Facebook page daily and get paid.

There are NINE (9) packages available on Racksterli 

Standard package for N14000
  • You earn ₦722 daily
  • You earn₦21,600 monthly

 Premium package for N28000
  • You earn ₦1482 daily
  • You earn ₦44,460 monthly

Platinum package for N56000
  • You earn ₦2964 daily
  • You earn ₦88,920 monthly

Gold package for N112000
  • You earn ₦5928 daily
  • You earn ₦177,840 monthly

Diamond package for N280,000 
  • You earn ₦14,820 daily
  • You earn ₦444,600 monthly

 Ruby package for 560,000
  • You earn ₦ 28,279 daily
  • You earn ₦848,370 monthly

Emerald package for ₦1,120,000
  • You earn ₦56,335 daily
  • You earn ₦1,690,050 monthly

Pearl package for ₦2,800,000
  • You earn ₦147,466 daily
  • You earn ₦4,424,000 monthly

Jasper package for 5,000,000

  • You earn ₦263,333 daily
  • You earn ₦7,900,000 monthly

Racksterli is an online investment platform that stands as an intermediary between members and advertisers. As for me Racksterli is not a safe place to  to invest in due to the previous criminal activities.