Lancie - Get Paid For Sharing And Watching YouTube Video

    Hello there, here is a platform were you can make money from sharing and watching YouTube videos and i will be introducing you to the platform now. the name of the platform is called Lancie owned by WYZAR Global Services it was launched early November 2020

Lancie is a platform that pays it users for sharing  YouTube video. on Lancie you don't have to do much work, all you have to do is share and watch YouTube video every 24hrs, on Lancie you can also promote your YouTube video and get more viewers for your videos. Lancie provide 24/7 support so if you have any issue it will be solved immediately. anyone around the world can join Lancie. Lancie pays it members every 30days through Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin because it fast and profitable. It very safe to work with Lancie. Lancie has 3 membership packages and they are: Basic, Standard and Pro.

How It Works

  • To join the Basic plan it cost 23$(₦14,000) 
  • You earn 2.22$ daily
  • You earn 66.60$(₦33,000) monthly
  • Withdraw fee $15

  • To join the Standard plan it cost 36$(₦22,000) 
  • You earn 3.42$ daily
  • You earn 102.6$(₦50,800) monthly
  • Withdraw fee 5$

  • To join the Pro plan it cost 71$(₦37,000) 
  • You earn 6$ daily
  • You earn 180$(₦83,000) monthly
  • Withdraw fee 3$

See video on how to register

click here for list of site were you can buy cryptocurrency from
Note: do not use roqqu app to make payment for your registration. in Lancie, referral is totally optional. if you have any question view my contact below this page or drop a comment.

See how to share video from your Lancie account to your social media page

See payment proof below......


  1. Lancie is legit and it paying well

  2. This really a great platform I thank God I came across this post I was paid today after 30 days of registration

  3. This platform is really genuine I personally have been paid from this platform

  4. Why did you say we shouldn't use roqqu for payment because that's what I plan on using?

    1. Roqqu will deduct their charges from the amount you are sending and it will cause under payment

  5. Why can't I get the app on Google Play store

    1. Because the app is not yet available on PlayStore

  6. Please I want to join lancie but will need guide and your whatsapp group is full

    1. Please check the link again we have added a new group link

  7. I want to make payment but I don't have a wallet address

  8. Lancie hasn't paid me since march_25th.....why is it still pending_?